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Author, Public Speaker, Play Director

Autora, oradora pública, Directora de obras de teatro 

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libros de niños

Kids Books

libros de adultos

Adult Books

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Our Children's books promote Love, Unity, and Peace within families and communities. There is an English and Spanish version of each book and they have highlights of the other language so our children can be introduced to the power of maintaining both languages.  

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Use your Dreams to help you create the life you want! You are not alone in this. Your dreams help connect you to your higher self, the universe, and loved ones. Once you know your dream language, you will never let any Dream slip by you because you’ll understand its immense worth. Learn to use your natural gift and empower yourself! 

Let's Begin your Dream Journey to Self Empowerment! 

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 In partnership with Revista Latina NC and many amazing community members, we created a play from our first book, Lupita and the Magic of Mexico. We were even gifted a song for our play by a dear friend, Alexandra Valladares. We look forward to creating more magical moments together! 

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