Dream Interpretation

What does your dream mean?

Have you ever had a dream that keeps reoccurring?

Why do some dreams feel so real?

What is your dream trying to tell you?


I have always been fascinated by dreams. As a little girl, I noticed my dreams were incredibly vivid and I would often wake up feeling like the dream was real. I would love to share my dreams with my family and explain to them how I began to experience flying in my dreams and often control my dream on many levels-Lucid Dreaming is something we can all do, we just need a little practice!


After many years of keeping a Dream Journal and listening to my subconscious through my dreams, I learned to understand my individual Dream Language. I use my dreams to understand what my subconscious needs that I may be neglecting myself in my waking life.


My own journey in Dream Interpretation has allowed me to help others understand their individual Dream Language. It is an easy process for me and the dreamer because it simply involves a conversation to unlock what the dream is trying to tell the Dreamer. We work on one dream at a time by talking about the various symbols, colors, and feelings associated with the dream. 


This process will allow YOU to understand your own Dream Language so that you can start doing what will truly make YOU happy. This process is liberating and will help you on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. 


I share videos every Monday on Youtube in both English and Spanish for our followers and I now offer Private Consultations so we can connect in a more private manner.